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What do I Bring?

The following is a general list of items that are either required or recommended for BACKPACKING:

_ A well-fitting internal frame backpack, 55 litre ABSOLUTE minimum (can be waterproofed with a pack cover or a garbage bag as a liner)
_ Sleeping bag rated to -5
_ Sleeping pad
_ Lunch and snacks (dinner sharing, including breakfast will be discussed at the pre-trip meeting)
_ 1-2 litres of water (in water bottle or bladder)
_ Personal identification & spare cash
_ Hooded rain jacket and rain pants
_ Down jacket or fleece warm layer
_ Warm hat and mitts/gloves
_ Personal first aid supplies, medications and blister kit
_ Sunscreen, sunglasses, lip balm (with SPF)
_ Waterproof hiking boots with good tread (above the ankle recommended)
_ Gaiters
_ Eating utensils/plate/cup
_ Toilet paper in a plastic sealing bag


_ 1 or 2 hiking poles
_ Sun hat with brim
_ Small closed-cell foam pad (to sit on)
_ Bug repellent (STRONGLY recommended)
_ Bug shirt and long pants
_ Umbrella or poncho
_ Camera

_ Pot/Pan
_ Tarp
_ Stove
_ Fuel
_ Matches

If you are unsure about any of the items on this list, or would like to learn more about their use, please attend one of our lectures. Remember - backpacking trips will run RAIN OR SHINE so you MUST be prepared!