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Private Guiding Rates

Got an idea of a place you'd like to see? We can plan, carry out and cater to your needs.  Whatever trip you are interested in, we can take the guesswork out of the picture.  Whether its in the Rockies, into B.C. or even an international destination, we'd love to help make the trip a great experience.  Use the chart below to calculate the cost, or give us a call and we can give you a quote on a trip.  

LOCAL GUIDING FEES - Alberta/National Parks
  Min. 3 people, full day (4+ hours) 4+ people, full day (4+ hours) Min. 3 people, half day (3 - 4 hours or less) 4+ people, half day (3 - 4 hours or less)
 Day Hiking $95 per person $75 per person $60 per person $50 per person
 Backpacking (overnight) $150 / person per day $120 / person per day  

Add $10 per person per meal catered.  Add an additional $25 if you require vehicle transport to the hike. 

*Prices do not include park pass fees, backcountry camping permits, helicopter/alternative transport costs or gratuities.