Plain of Six Glaciers

Difficulty Rating Distance Elevation Gain Description Misc.
2 (Easy)13.8 km return380 mAlthough this location is often inundated by tourists, hiking here in June is a good way to avoid the over-crowded trails and experience the wonder of this area.  We'll travel along the edge of Lake Louise and see some flat-out incredible views. There is a reason that this area is so frequently photographed! As we meander through alpine forest and old glacial moraines, we'll make our way to the teahouse  which may or may not be open. Depending on our stamina and ambition, we'll make our way up the remaining 1.5 km to the viewpoint, where we'll get an extraordinary view of the glaciers that give this area its name.  A camera is almost a necessity on this trip!Getting there before the crowds is key, or at least when the crowds have all turned around!  We'll make the decision to either go very early, to arrive before 8:00 a.m., or later on in the afternoon (the sun doesn't go down until 11:00 by this time in June!)