Raspberry Ridge

 Difficulty Rating Distance Elevation Gain Description Misc.
2 (Easy)9 km return653 metresThis hike is the perfect shoulder season hike, as it is usually snow-free early, gives incredible views, and includes a lookout at the top. The trip is in the Southern section of Kananaskis Country, and requires a great deal of driving from Red Deer to reach.  This trip may include either an early start, or an overnight stay in a local campground the night before.

The hike begins on an old road, but gradually becomes more trail than road. As the trail turns upward, more views begin to present themselves, including possible views of nearby Mt. Head, Mist Mountain and Mt. Armstrong.  

Alternate Hike: Hailstone Butte
As this trip will depend on availability of clients, willingness to get up early, etc, a closer objective may be chosen as an alternative hike (Burnt Timber Creek,  Blue Hill lookout or James Pass - all in the Ya Ha Tinda area, and all somewhat similar in difficulty)