Stelfox Loop

 Difficulty Rating Distance Elevation Gain Description Misc.
5 (Challenging)21 km555 metresThis is sure to challenge anyone new to hiking, as well as those who are already active hikers.  The trip begins at the Coral Creek staging area, along Hwy 11 just north of the Cline River. We will leave a vehicle here and drive as a group to the trailhead several kilometers north of the staging area to the Cline waste transfer site, north of Whitegoat creek.  Our day begins with beautiful hike alongside Whitegoat Creek up to Whitegoat Pass - but then the challenge begins.  Once we descend the pass and hike into the valley below, we make our way along the backside of Mt. Stelfox, crossing several creeks (and crossing and re-crossing Coral Creek) until we finally meet up with the Coral Canyon/Cline Loop trail, and end up back at the staging area.  A worthwhile challenge for anyone up for the task.  Bring river crossing footwear!

Alternate hike: Two O'Clock Ridge