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Navigation Courses

Having a better idea about how to use a map, GPS and a compass isn't just a survival skill - it is a great way to make your trips to the outdoors more enjoyable and safe.  Understanding how to use them properly is something that takes time and experience, and these courses are designed to give you both.

Map Reading Clinic

Learn to use and understand topographical maps in an evening hands-on course. Learn how to read contour lines, identify features, keep track of your location and plan exciting routes. Perfect for the beginner outdoor enthusiast. Prerequisite: none.

Cost: $30 (includes all materials and handouts)

Compass Use and Outing 

Build on your map reading knowledge by adding compass skills! Learn how to interpret a compass including cardinal directions, bearings and declination. During the morning classroom session and an afternoon outdoor practice, you’ll learn how to integrate your map and compass knowledge for effective navigation across any terrain. Prerequisite: Map Reading Clinic

Cost: $75 (includes all materials and handouts)

GPS Use Clinic and Outing

Discover how to use a GPS in a classroom setting in the morning, then spend the afternoon getting some hands-on practice outside. Learn how to find your location, mark waypoints, and follow a pre-determined route. Prerequisite: Map Reading Clinic (Compass Use Clinic recommended)

Cost: $75 (includes all materials and handouts)